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Graphic art image if the Helmet Hitch.

Eric designed the Helmet Hitch not only to keep his valuable motorcycle helmets off the floor but to also keep his extension cords, cables, hoses and much more from being scratched, cut, punctured or damaged from resting on the garage pavement or ground.

Image of the Helmet Hitch - A Place For Your Helmet.
Proudly Made In The USA

Are You Tired Of Having Your Valuable Helmet On The Floor?

Is your entryway, garage or shed floors cluttered with cables or cords? If you answered yes, then you need the Helmet Hitch!

The Helmet Hitch is sturdy enough and strong enough to hold even the heaviest items.

Image of the Helmet Hitch being used to hold various items.
Clean The Clutter!

Use The Helmet Hitch In Your:

Home • Entryway • Garage • Shed • Outdoors Boats • & More!

Creator of the Helmet Hitch, showing  3 color samples.
The Helmet Hitch was previously known as the Cord On Blue.

They make the perfect gift.

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